About Us

Owner, Andrea Panullo (on the right) and the woman who keeps me in "check", Beth Jessey (on the left) are the two ladies who will greet you at our little cottage. Some say that we are "twins" or "sisters". We are definitely "sistas from another mother". We have been sitting next to each other for over 8 years, beading, working on the computer, visiting with customers, solving the world's problems and drinking wine!

The adorable labradoodle you see in the doorway of our shop looking out, waiting for customers is the official bellaPerlina Greeter! Her name is Bella-Perlina! She is named after the shop! People come in just to pet, play or admire our adorable pup! She has been “working” since she was 8 weeks old. She is now 6 years old! Since she began her career at bellaPerlina, four local families have gotten labradoodles from our breeder!
Bella loves to have her belly rubbed and soft words spoken to her. She adores children, but HATES skateboarder and rollerbladers! She will bark at them. She welcomes other pups into the store, but prefers us humans! Stop by and give Bella a “pat”, she loves treats too!